Regular maintenance cleaning and repairing rugs avoids replacement, maintains your horses health and they look smart!  Shaw Farm rug washing services are conducted on site using brand new washers and dryers housed in a heated room. These industrial washes and dry are ideal for all equine garments, pet beds, clothing and outdoor wear.

All our cleaning products are designed for animals skin – low in detergent and gentle – using a leading brand ‘NIKWAX’ wash and re-proofer. All rugs are dried naturally in the heated launderette – offering a de-hairing service at no extra cost. Our aim is to  wash and dry livery horse rugs within 2 days. For off site clients, we aim to turn rug cleaning and drying around within 1-2 weeks.

We also repairs rugs, from patches, small holes, new linings to replacing straps and fastenings. All repairs are done to the highest standard and we only use good quality fixings.


We also do Repair work – please ask for a quote as prices may vary depending on damage.
Receive a 10% Discount when you get 5 or more rugs washed with us!
Collection and delivery service can also be arranged.

  • Coolers, Fleeces & Fly Rugs
  • Stable Rugs
    With Neck
  • Outdoor – Light
  • Outdoor – Medium
  • Outdoor – Heavy
  • Outdoor Combo
  • Boots
  • Numnahs
  • £5.00
  • £8.00
  • £12.00
  • £14.00
  • £16.00
  • £18.00
  • £2.00 per pair
  • £3.00