While working with so many horses we have a very good working relationship with Equine Veterinary Practices, we work closely with Aireworth Vets at Keighley and Hird and Partners at Halifax. Both practises have a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise and you will be assured that your horse would receive the highest level of care. Both of which have their own surgeries and state of the art equipment. We always work together to ensure your horse receive the absolute best care during vet visits, whether it be rehab from operations, routine vaccines or emergency call outs. Other vets are welcome to the yard.



Sam Sagar shoes or trims the majority of horses at the yard, he is a talented and reliable farrier. We call him the fixer!! He is fully qualified and has well over 10 years of experience, he is available regularly on the yard. All types of shoeing available including remedial. Sam works with owners, vets and trainers to provide the best possible service to enhance performance and soundness. Other farriers welcome on the yard.


Equine Sports Massage

Jude Furniss is a local Equine Sports Massage therapist who qualified with Distinction in June 2010. Equine Sports Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, applied to the horse in a professional technique modified from Swedish Sport Massage Techniques. Jude hand massages the horses from nose to tail, working each horse as an individual dependant on their needs.

Equine Sports Massage is essential for improving the athlete horse’s ability – no human athlete would be without massage as part of their training regime – so why treat your competing athlete differently. That said, horses not in competition will also benefit from massage, as there are never-ending benefits of massage including – increased recovery from injury, by identifying possible issues, by increasing general range of movement, and by simply relaxing and improving well-being and state of mind.



Horses require their teeth to be checked and rasped at least every 12 months, we always stick to this rule and if any horses show signs of discomfort we will book appointments to suit. We use Mark Edmonds who is an amazing ‘Old school’ horseman. What he doesn’t know about a horse isn’t worth knowing.



Equine physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in horses. It combines movement analysis with knowledge of the anatomy of the musculo-skeletal system in order to identify potential problems.

At Shaw Farm we have a regular visits from Joellle Steyt, who has specialised in veterinary physiotherapy for the last 12 years.

The benefits from her assessing your horse at the Farm is that we have the large arena, enabling your horse to trot around in a safe environment, giving a clearer over view on what the initial problem and issue could be.