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The Theraplate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain and aid in the prevention of injury.

We also use the Theraplate for strength and conditioning by increasing muscle mass and bone strength and density, which aids long-term soundness.

What makes the Theraplate so successful is that, it is not a vibration plate which can cause additional trauma, it is not oscillation therapy or cyclone technology. It is however non-invasive Wave Vortex Stimulation Therapy.

Since the installation of the Theraplate SFE clients have seen amazing results first hand, horses coming on rehab unsound and leaving sound, splints dispersing, cellulitis resolving, sore backs improving, general wellbeing enhanced and much more.

If you are struggling with injury of your horse then contact SFE to discuss how the Theraplate and our unique packages can reduce your horses recovery time and get you back in the saddle sooner.

We can offer one off sessions or why not contact us about our Theraplate inclusive Livery package.